Dr Du Beau is a neuroscientist (PhD) with special expertise in forensics, specifically behavioral evidence analysis, bloodstain pattern analysis and crime scene reconstruction. 

As an independent expert consultant with a diverse scientific background, Dr Du Beau can provide strong analytical support to best inform your investigative and/or legal casework.

Neuroscience | Neuroscience investigates all aspects of the brain’s functionality, inclusive of physical, anatomical and neurochemical processes that underly behavior, mentation, perception, awareness and consciousness.  Dr Du Beau’s contiguous training also includes, for example, analytical review of case materials and reconstruction of events.

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Research Culture in Forensic Science

The scientific method involves iteratively testing hypotheses using various techniques and this systematic approach applies to forensic disciplines without exception.  Corroborating experts recognize the need to commit to a culture of research to fortify how cogent forensic science is conducted.

While having basic scientific knowledge is necessary for a forensic scientist, it is not sufficient to ensure empirical rigor.  Dr Du Beau’s tacit knowledge as an experienced researcher uniquely contributes to this forensic consultancy.  Not just to be right, but to be sure. 

If you have questions, Dr Du Beau has solutions.  Please feel free to connect.  And check out the collection of articles and reports on this site as well. 


Dr Amy Du Beau
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